Instructions on compilation of Inspection Assignment Package (IAP)

Instructions on compilation of Inspection Assignment Package (IAP)


Instructions on compilation of Inspection Assignment Package (IAP)

Well compiled and structured Inspection Assignment Package is a key to successful inspection, decreasing the review time by Aramco and all inspectors involved.


IAP should include separate, clearly titled documents.

1. Index – a clear list of contents shall always be included in the IAP

2. Section 1 – Inspection Assignment Sheet – please fill all specified fields. Manufacturer address shall reflect the location of Aramco or Project approved manufacturer where the inspections will take place. Indication of the name of Inspector and Inspection Agency acting on behalf of the Contractor is important so the Responsible Inspection Office to avoid conflict of interest with the Monitoring Inspector.

3. Section 3 – Include a copy of an un-priced Purchase Order and an un-priced sub-order if applicable.

4. Section 4 – a legible copy of the applicable revision

5. Section 5 – Inspection and Test Plan (ITP) – IAP shall include copy of (sub-) manufacturer’s ITP. of the Material Requisition (MR) and a complete set of (filled) Data Sheets / Technical Specification to be included in this section.

6. Section 6 – This section shall include applicable SAMSS / SAES and 175 forms. List of attached documents including the revision dates

7. Sections 2, 7 – 9 are self explanatory.

IAP Structure:

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