What is Ready mix concrete? (RMC)

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What is Ready mix concrete?

Ready-mix concrete (RMC) is a type of concrete which manufacture in the factory as per approved mix design, which is called Batching Plant (BP) or Concrete Batching Plant.Ready-mix concrete (RMC) mixing at Concrete Batch Plant and after mixing it’s brought to the construction site by truck mixer or transit mixer.

Concrete Mixer:

Concrete mixers are machines that blend cement, aggregates, and water together to form the concrete paste or slurry. an honest concrete mixture should not only uniformly mix the ingredients, but they ought to also discharge the combination without disturbing its uniformity. this will be judged by the uniform consistency and color of the slurry.

Concrete made dry at the batching plant, loaded into the agitator truck mixer and water added during transportation 

Mixed wet concrete made at batching plant, discharged into the agitator truck mixer and transported at the site.

The drum of the truck mixer is rotated during transportation in order to keep concrete in the plastic state. 

Advantages of Ready-Mix Concrete:

It allows speedy construction through programmed delivery at site, mechanized operation with acceptable economy.

Usage of Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) reduces the labor cost and site supervising cost. 

The Consistency in the quality of concrete is maintain through accurate and computerized control of all material, included cement, aggregates, water, and admixture (chemical) as per required design mix.

Usage of RMC also reduces the wastage of raw materials during storage and mixing.

Using RMC reducing the construction time. 


  • Transit time might from the time of preparation of concrete on the distribution site, might affect the performance.
  • This are got to add extra water or penetration to take care of functionality consistent with the specification.
  • On-site, quality assurance (QA) / internal control (QC) has got to test functionality through fatigue testing before getting used for manufacture.
  • Traffic during the transit of concrete might end in the setting of concrete therefore the addition of entrances is required to delay the setting period.
  • Formwork and placing arrangements should be prepared during a big area beforehand as concrete could be bought in large portions. 

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