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1 Pneumatic Pressure Testing : SATIP-A-004-01

Review of Pneumatic Testing Procedure - SAIC-A-2004

Filling & Pressurization for Pneumatic Testing - SAIC-A-2020

Visual Inspection of Pneumatic Test - SAIC-A-2021

Depressurization of Pneumatic Test - SAIC-A-2022

2 Pressure Testing-Hydrostatic Test of Plant Piping : SATIP-A-004-02

Review of Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Procedure for Plant Piping - SAIC-A-2001

Review of Test Packages - SAIC-A-2006

Review of Lay-up Procedures - SAIC-A-2007

Verification of Test Medium - SAIC-A-2008

Verification of Test Equipment and Test Instruments for Pressure Testing - SAIC-A-2009

Pre-Test Punch listing - SAIC-A-2010

Inspection of Pressure Test Preparation - SAIC-A-2011

Internal Cleanliness Inspection of Piping & Vessels - SAIC-A-2012

Inspection of Filling & Pressurization for Pressure Testing of Piping - SAIC-A-2013

Visual Inspection of Pressure Test - SAIC-A-2015

Pneumatic Testing of Reinforcing Pads - SAIC-A-2016

Depressurization & Disposal of Hydrotest Water - SAIC-A-2017

Lay-up Application for Piping and Vessels - SAIC-A-2018

3 Pressure Testing-Hydrostatic Test of Pipelines : SATIP-A-004-03

Review of Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Procedure for Pipelines - SAIC-A-2002

4 Pressure Testing of Pressure Vessels : SATIP-A-004-04

Review of Hydrotest Procedure for Pressure Vessels - SAIC-A-2003

Inspection of Filling & Pressurization for Pressure Testing of Vessels                      - SAIC-A-2014

Pre-Test Inspection of Pressure Vessels - SAIC-A-2025

5 Leak Testing Per SAES-A-004 : SATIP-A-004-05

Review of Leak Testing Procedure - SAIC-A-2005

Pressurization for Leak Testing - SAIC-A-2023

Inspection of Leaks for Tightness Testing - SAIC-A-2024

6 Intumiscent Fire Proofing : SATIP-B-006-02

Review of Intumiscent Fireproofing Material for Approval - SAIC-B-2001

Review of Installation Procedure for Intumiscent Fireproofing Material - SAIC-B-2002

Verification/Inspection of Intumiscent Fireproofing Material - SAIC-B-2003

Storage, Handling & Preservation of Intumiscent Fireproofing Materials - SAIC-B-2004

Performance Verification of Equipment & Applicators of Intumiscent Fireproofing Materials - SAIC-B-2005

Pre-Application Inspection of Intumiscent Fireproofing Materials - SAIC-B-2006

In-Process Inspection of Intumiscent Fireproofing Material Application - SAIC-B-2007

Post-Application Inspection of Intumiscent Fireproofing Material - SAIC-B-2008

Top Coating Application on Intumiscent Fireproofing - SAIC-B-2009

Final Inspection of Intumiscent Fireproofing Application - SAIC-B-2010

7 Portable Fire Protection Equipment Installation : SATIP-B-019-01

Material Receiving Inspection - Portable Fire Protection Equipment - SAIC-B-2011

Storage, Handling & Preservation of Portable Fire Protection Equipment - SAIC-B-2012

Portable Fire Extinguishers- Installation Inspection - SAIC-B-2013

Foam Generating Equipment - Installation Inspection - SAIC-B-2014

Special Fixed Extinguishing Equipment - Installation Inspection - SAIC-B-2015

Access and Platforms for Portable Fire Protection System - SAIC-B-2016

Re-Instatement of Portable Fire Protection System - SAIC-B-2017

8 Pressure Vessel Installation : SATIP-D-001-01

Review of Vessel Data Sheet & Safety Instruction Sheet - SAIC-D-2001

Receiving Inspection of Pressure Vessels- External - SAIC-D-2002

Receiving Inspection of Pressure Vessels- Internal - SAIC-D-2003

Receiving Inspection of Ladders, Platforms & other Structural Steel Attachments of Vessels and Tanks - SAIC-D-2004

Vessel Storage, Handling & Preservation - SAIC-D-2005

Equipment Pre-Installation Inspection - SAIC-D-2006

Equipment Installation-Alignment & Elevation Survey (Vertical Vessels ) - SAIC-D-2007

Vessel Trim Installation Inspection - SAIC-D-2008

Tray Installation in Vessels - SAIC-D-2009

Tray Testing (Vessels & Columns) - SAIC-D-2010

Vessel Closure Inspection - SAIC-D-2011

Final Inspection of Vessels (Re-Instatement) - SAIC-D-2012

Catalyst/Packing Installation - SAIC-D-2013

Receiving Inspection of Tanks- External - SAIC-D-2015

Receiving Inspection of Tanks- Internal - SAIC-D-2016

Inspection of Buried Tank Installation - SAIC-D-2017

Inspection of Under-Tank Leak Detection & Sub-Grade Protection - SAIC-D-2018

Inspection of Above Ground Tank Installation - SAIC-D-2019

Tank Trim Installaton - SAIC-D-2020

Final Inspection of Tank Installation - SAIC-D-2021

Equipment Installation-Alignment & Elevation Survey (Horizontal Vessel) - SAIC-D-2022

8.1 Shop Fabrication Storage Tank Installation : SATIP-D-109-01

Review of Tank Data Sheet & Safety Instruction Sheet - SAIC-D-2014

9 Heat Exchanger Installation - Shell and Tube : SATIP-E-004-01

Review of SIS for Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger - SAIC-E-2001

Receiving Inspection of Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers - SAIC-E-2002

Storage, Handling & Preservation of Heat Exchangers - SAIC-E-2003

Nitrogen and Pearlite Application on BAHE Frame - SAIC-E-2011

9.1 Air Cooled Heat Exchanger - Fin Fan Cooler : SATIP-E-007-01

Review of SIS for Air Cooled Heat Exchangerr - SAIC-E-2004

Receiving Inspection of Air Cooled Heat Exchanger - SAIC-E-2005

Fin Fan Cooler Shroud Assembly Inspection - SAIC-E-2006

Inspection of Fan Installation for Air Cooled Heat Exchanger - SAIC-E-2007

Re-instatement of Air Cooled Heat Exchanger. - SAIC-E-2008

Vessel Internal Cleanliness of this Air Cooled Heat Exchanger - SAIC-E-2009

In-Situ Strenght Test of Fin Fan Coolers (per SAES-A-004, Par. 6.4.5) - SAIC-E-2010

10 Fired Heaters Field Installation : SATIP-F-001-01

Review of Erection Plan for Fired Heaters - SAIC-F-2001

Review of Drawings for Ultrasonic Thickness Record of the Fired Heater's Component - SAIC-F-2002

Review of Data Sheet and Safety Instruction Sheet for Fired Heater - SAIC-F-2003

Material Receiving Inspection of Fired Heater & Accessories - SAIC-F-2004

Handling, Storage and Preservation of Fired Heater and Its Components - SAIC-F-2005

Installation of Fired Heater & Components - SAIC-F-2006

Closure Inspection of Heater Boxes - SAIC-F-2007

Final Punch Listing of Fired Heater and its Components - SAIC-F-2008

10.1 Forced Draft Fan : SATIP-F-001-02

Review of Safety Instruction Sheet for Forced Draft Fan - SAIC-F-2009

Material Receiving Inspection of forced Draft Fan, Driver and Ductworks - SAIC-F-2010

Storage, Handling & Preservation of Forced Draft Fam and its Components - SAIC-F-2011

Installation of Ducting for Forced Draft Fan - SAIC-F-2012

Installation of Auxiliary Piping of Forced Draft Fan - SAIC-F-2013

Final Punch Listing of Forced Draft Fan and Its Components - SAIC-F-2014

11 Incinerators : SATIP-F-001-03

Material Receiving Inspection of Incinerators - SAIC-F-2015

Storage, Handling and Preservation of Incinerator and its Components - SAIC-F-2016

Installation of Incinerator and Mechanical Components - SAIC-F-2017

Closure Inspection of Incinerator - SAIC-F-2018

Final Punch Listing of Incinerator - SAIC-F-2019

12 Power Boiler - Packaged Type : SATIP-F-001-04

Review of Data Sheet and Safety Instruction Sheet for Boiler - SAIC-F-2020

Receiving Inspection of Boiler and its Mechanical Components - SAIC-F-2021

Receiving Inspection of Power Piping and Auxiliaries - SAIC-F-2022

Storage, Handling and Preservation of Boiler and its Mechanical Components - SAIC-F-2023

Lay-Up of Boiler Tubes and Drums - SAIC-F-2024

Lay-Up & Preservation of Boiler's Furnace - SAIC-F-2025

Flushing of Boile Tubes and Associated Piping and Vessels - SAIC-F-2026

Installation of Economizer Section - SAIC-F-2027

Installation of Bioler Trim Components - SAIC-F-2028

Installation of Smoke Stack - SAIC-F-2029

Boiler & Piping Re-Instatement - SAIC-F-2030

Final Punch Listing of Boiler and its Accesories - SAIC-F-2031

13 Elevated Flare--Stack, Tip & Igniter : SATIP-F-007-01

Review of Flare Stack & Flate Tip Lifting Plan - SAIC-F-2032

Receiving Inspection of Flare Stack, Flare Tip and Igniter - SAIC-F-2033

Storage, Handling and Preservation of Flare Stack, Tip & Igniter - SAIC-F-2034

Final Punch Listing of Flare Stack, Tip & Igniter - SAIC-F-2035

14 Centrifugal Pump : SATIP-G-005-01

Review of Safety Instruction Sheet for Centrifugal Pump - SAIC-G-2001

Receiving Inspection of Centrifuagal Pumps - SAIC-G-2002

Storage Handling & Preservation of Centrifuagal Pumps - SAIC-G-2003

Inspection of Auxiliary Piping Installation for Pumps - SAIC-G-2004

Pump Suction and Discharge Piping Installation - SAIC-G-2005

Driver Shaft/Coupling Alignment for Rotating Equipment - SAIC-G-2006

Final Punch Listing of Centrifugal Pumps - SAIC-G-2007

Equipment Mounting Plate Installation (Prior to Grouting) - SAIC-G-2021

Final Pump/Driver Alignment - SAIC-G-2022

15 Positive Displacement Pump : SATIP-G-006-01

Review of Safety Instruction Sheet for Positive Displacement Pump - SAIC-G-2008

Receiving Inspection of Positive Displacement Pump - SAIC-G-2009

Storage Handling & Preservation of Positive Displacement Pump - SAIC-G-2010

16 Lubrication, Shaft Sealing and Oil System for Rotating Equipment : SATIP-G-115-01

Review of Chemical Cleaning and Flushing Procedure For Lubrication, Shaft Sealing and Oil Systems for Rotating Equipment - SAIC-G-2011

Receiving Inspection of Mechanical Components of Lubrication, Shaft Sealing and Oil Systems for Rotating Equipment - SAIC-G-2012

Storage, Handling & Preservation of Lubrication, Shaft Sealing and Oil Systems for Rotating Equipment - SAIC-G-2013

Installation of Mechanical Components of Lubrication, Shaft Sealing and Oil Systems for Rotating Equipment - SAIC-G-2014

Final Punch Listing of Lubrication, Shaft Sealing and Oil Systems for Rotating Equipment - SAIC-G-2015

Pre-Cleaning Inspection of the Lube and/or Seal Oil System - SAIC-G-2016

Mechanical Cleaning of Lube and/or Seal Oil System - SAIC-G-2017

Chemical Cleaning of Lube and/or Seal Oil System - SAIC-G-2018

Flushing and Cleanliness Inspection of the Lube and/or Seal Oil System - SAIC-G-2019

Final System Re-Instatement and Inspection of the Lube and/or Seal Oil System - SAIC-G-2020

17 Cement Lining of Pipes and Fittings : SATIP-H-002-01

Review of Cement Lining Procedure and Inspection Plan - SAIC-H-2001

Receiving Inspection of Raw Materials for Cement Lining - SAIC-H-2002

Storage, Handling and Preservation of Raw Materials for Cement Lining - SAIC-H-2003

Verification of Cement Lining Equipment - SAIC-H-2004

Pre-Application Inspection of Cement Lining - SAIC-H-2005

In-Process Inspection of Cement Lining - SAIC-H-2006

Post Application Inspection of Cement Lining - SAIC-H-2007

Final Inspection for Acceptance of Cement Lined Pipe/Piping - SAIC-H-2008

18 External FBE Coating of Field Welded Joints : SATIP-H-002-02

Review of Field Applied FBE Coating & Repair Procedure - SAIC-H-2009

Review of Coating Personnel Qualification and Certification - SAIC-H-2010

Material Inspection of FBE Powder & Abrasives - SAIC-H-2011

Storage, Handling and Preservation of FBE Powder and Abrasive Materials - SAIC-H-2012

Inspection and Performance Verification of FBE Powder Application Equipment - SAIC-H-2013

Surface Preparation for Ext FBE on field girth welds - SAIC-H-2014

In-Process Inspection of FBE Powder Application on Ext. Field Girth Welds - SAIC-H-2015

Holiday Testing and Inspection - SAIC-H-2016

In-Process Inspection of Repair on External FBE Coating - SAIC-H-2017

Final Inspection Prior to Backfill - SAIC-H-2018

19 Pipe Internal Coating and Installation : SATIP-H-002-08

Surface Preparation of Internal Pipe Ends/Joints for FBE Coating - SATR-H-2011

In-Process Inspection of Internal FBE Coating Application of FGW's - SATR-H-2012

20 Hot Tap Installation : SATIP-L-052-01

SAEP-311, Appendix I – Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements for Tie-In & Hot Tap (Modify for Projects Use) - SATR-NDE-2007

21 Structural Steel, Piperack & Miscellaneous Steel Supports and Aluminum Structures : SATIP-M-001-01

Pre-Installation Procedure Verification Testing of Turn-of-Nut Method (ASTM A325 or ASTM A490 Bolts) - SATR-M-2003

22 Verification Testing : SATIP-M-001-02

Pre-Installation Procedure Verification Testing of Calibration Wrench (ASTM A325 or ASTM A490 Bolts) - SATR-M-2004

23 Welding of Structural Steel and Miscellaneous Steel-On Shore : SATIP-M-001-03

Pre-Installation Procedure Verification Testing of Direct Tension Indicator (ASTM A325 or ASTM A490 Bolts) - SATR-M-2005

24 Castable Refractory Installation : SATIP-N-110-01

Refractory Sample Test Report - SATR-N-02001

25 Extreme Erosion Rsistant Refractory Installation : SATIP-N-120-01

Sample Mixing/Batching Report - SATR-N-02002

26 Leak Detection (NDE) : SATIP-NDE-LD-01

Leak Detection Test Report (NDE)- Tank Floor & Roof) - SATR-NDE-LD001

27 Welding of On-plot Piping : SATIP-W-011-01

PWHT Table/Schedule - SATR-W-2004

PWHT Report Form - SATR-W-2005

Daily Weld Fit-Up Inspection Report - SATR-W-2006

Daily Weld Production Report - SATR-W-2007

Weld Summary Sheet - SATR-W-2008

Welding Rod Oven (Storage, Baking, & Portable) Calibration Report - SATR-W-2009

Welding Consumable Issuance Record - SATR-W-2010

Welding Machines Verification Report - SATR-W-2011

Hardness Test Report - SATR-W-2012

Weekly Weld & Welder Repair Rate Report - SATR-W-2013

28 Welding of Pipelines : SATIP-W-012-01

Temperature Tie-In Welding Report - SATR-W-2014

Inspection/Verification of Weld Modification or Repair (Re-Work) after Weld Acceptance - SAIC-W-2036

Inspect Welding of Socket Joint and Seal Welding Threaded Jts. - SAIC-W-2037

Review of Welding Procedure for Pipelines - SAIC-W-2038

Review of Welding & Welding Operator Certifications - SAIC-W-2039

Review of Method Statement & WPS for Weld Repair - SAIC-W-2040

Review of Procedure for Weld Joint Identification System - SAIC-W-2041

Review of Post Weld Heat Treatment Procedure - SAIC-W-2042

Review of Production Weld Hardness Testing Procedure - SAIC-W-2043

Receiving Inspection of Welding Consumables - SAIC-W-2044

Verification/Calibration of Welding Machines - SAIC-W-2045

Control of Welding Consumables(Storage/Handling/Issuance) - SAIC-W-2046

Buttering and/or Weld Buildup - SAIC-W-2047

Pre-Welding Inspection - SAIC-W-2048

In-Process Welding Inspection - SAIC-W-2049

Post-Welding Visual Inspection - SAIC-W-2050

Weld Repair Inspection - SAIC-W-2051

Post-Weld Heat Treatment Application for Plant Piping & Pipelines - SAIC-W-2052

Verification of Hardness Testing Application & Test Result - SAIC-W-2053

Production Weld and Welder Repair Rate Assessment - SAIC-W-2054

29 Welding of Overlays and Cladding Restoration : SATIP-W-014-01

Weld Overlay Chemical Composition Test Report - SATR-W-2015

Ferrite Content Test Report-SS - SATR-W-2016

30 Installation of Metering Skid for Hydocarbon Gas : SATIP-Y-100-02

Receiving Inspection-Metering Skid - SAIC-Y-2001

Storage, Handling & Preservation of Metering Skids and Its Components - SAIC-Y-2002

Inspection of Mechanical Component Installation and/or Assembly - SAIC-Y-2003

Piping Re-Instatement of Metering Skid - SAIC-Y-2004


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