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[PDF] Index of Active SAESs | Saudi Aramco Engineering Standards Download Free 2023

 Index of Active SAESs

Index of Active SAESs 2023
Index of Active SAESs

About SAES  - Saudi Aramco Engineering Standards 

SAES-A-004  - General Requirements for Pressure Testing 

SAES-A-005  - Safety Instruction Sheet 

SAES-A-007  - Hydrostatic Testing Fluids and Lay-Up Procedures 

SAES-A-100  - Survey Coordinates and Datums 

SAES-A-102  - Air Pollutant Emission Source Control 

SAES-A-103  - Discharges to the Marine Environment 

SAES-A-104  - Wastewater Treatment, Reuse and Disposal 

SAES-A-105  - Noise Control 

SAES-A-109  - Site Planning for Prayer Shelters 

SAES-A-111  - Borrow Pit Requirements 

SAES-A-112  - Meteorological and Seismic Design Data 

SAES-A-113  - Geotechnical Engineering Requirements 

SAES-A-114  - Excavation and Backfill 

SAES-A-202  - Saudi Aramco Engineering Drawing Preparation 

SAES-A-204  - Preparation of Structural Calculations 

SAES-A-205  - Oilfield Chemicals 

SAES-A-206  - Positive Material Identification 

SAES-A-207  - Catalyst and Desiccant Selection and Replacement 

SAES-A-208  - Water Treatment Chemicals 

SAES-A-300  - Regulated Vendors List for Drilling Wellhead and Valves 

SAES-A-301  - Materials Resistant to Sulfide Stress Corrosion Cracking 

SAES-B-005  - Spacing and Diking for Atmospheric and Low-Pressure Tanks 

SAES-B-006  - Fireproofing for Plants 

SAES-B-008  - Restrictions to Use of Cellars, Pits, and Trenches 

SAES-B-009  - Fire Protection and Safety Requirements for Offshore Production Facilities 

SAES-B-014  - Safety Requirements for Plant and Operations Support Buildings 

SAES-B-017  - Fire Water System Design 

SAES-B-018  - Air Foam Systems for Storage Tanks 

SAES-B-019  - Portable, Mobile and Special Fixed Firefighting Equipment 

SAES-B-053  - Machine Safety Guarding, Elevators, Escalators and Conveyors 

SAES-B-054  - Access, Egress, and Materials Handling for Plant Facilities 

SAES-B-055  - Plant Layout 

SAES-B-058  - Emergency Shutdown, Isolation and Depressuring 

SAES-B-060  - Fire Protection for Piers, Wharves and Sea Islands 

SAES-B-061  - Protective Shields for High Health Hazard Piping and Equipment 

SAES-B-062  - Onshore Wellsite Safety 

SAES-B-063  - Aviation Obstruction Marking and Lighting 

SAES-B-064  - Onshore and Nearshore Pipeline Safety 

SAES-B-067  - Safety Identification and Safety Colors 

SAES-B-068  - Electrical Area Classification 

SAES-B-069  - Emergency Eyewashes and Showers 

SAES-B-070  - Fire and Safety Requirements for Bulk Plants, Air Fueling and Sulfur Loading Facilities 

SAES-C-001  - Process Design of Trays and Packing 

SAES-D-001  - Design Criteria for Pressure Vessels 

SAES-D-008  - Repairs, Alterations, and Re-rating of Process Equipment 

SAES-D-100  - Design Criteria of Atmospheric and Low-Pressure Tanks 

SAES-D-101  - Regulated Vendors List for Pressure Vessels and Tanks 

SAES-D-108  - Repair, Alteration and Reconstruction of Storage Tanks 

SAES-D-109  - Design of Small Tanks 

SAES-E-004  - Design Criteria of Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers 

SAES-E-006  - Design Criteria of Double Pipe Heat Exchangers 

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SAES-E-007  - Design Criteria of Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers 

SAES-E-014  - Design Criteria of Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers 

SAES-E-015  - Design Criteria of Electric Heat Exchangers 

SAES-E-101  - Regulated Vendors List for Heat Transfer Equipment 

SAES-F-001  - Design Criteria of Fired Heaters 

SAES-F-007  - System Design Criteria of Flares 

SAES-G-005  - Centrifugal Pumps 

SAES-G-006  - Positive Displacement Pumps - Controlled Volume 

SAES-G-007  - Submersible Pumps and Motors for Water Well and Offshore Service 

SAES-G-101  - Regulated Vendors List for Rotating Equipment 

SAES-G-115  - Lubrication, Shaft Sealing and Control Oil Systems 

SAES-G-116  - Cleanliness Standard for Lube/Seal Oil and Fluid Power Systems 

SAES-H-001  - Coating Selection & Application Requirements for Industrial Plants & Equipment 

SAES-H-002  - Internal and External Coatings for Steel Pipelines and Piping 

SAES-H-002V  - Approved Saudi Aramco Data Sheets for the Pipeline Maintenance External Coatings 

SAES-H-003  - Protective Coatings for Industrial Concrete Structures 

SAES-H-100  - Coating Materials & Application Requirements for Industrial Facilities 

SAES-H-101  - Approved Protective Coating Systems for Industrial Plants & Equipment 

SAES-H-101V  - Approved Saudi Aramco Data Sheets – Paints and Coatings 

SAES-H-102  - Safety Requirements for Coating Applications 

SAES-H-200  - Storage, Handling and Installation of Pipe Externally Coated Pipe 

SAES-H-201  - General Specification for Over-the-Ditch External FBE Coating of Field Girth Welds 

SAES-H-204  - General Specification for Applications Procedures of Heat-Shrink Sleeves to Coated Pipe 

SAES-J-001  - Instrumentation Index 

SAES-J-002  - Regulated Vendors List for Instruments 

SAES-J-003  - Instrumentation – Basic Design Criteria 

SAES-J-004  - Instrumentation Symbols and Identification 

SAES-J-005  - Instrumentation Drawings and Forms 

SAES-J-100  - Process Flow Metering 

SAES-J-200  - Pressure 

SAES-J-300  - Level 

SAES-J-400  - Temperature 

SAES-J-502  - Analyzer Shelters 

SAES-J-505  - Combustible Gas and Hydrogen Sulfide in Air Detection Systems 

SAES-J-600  - Pressure Relief Devices 

SAES-J-601  - Emergency Shutdown and Isolation Systems 

SAES-J-602  - Burner Management, Combustion and Waterside Control Systems for Watertube Boilers 

SAES-J-603  - Process Heaters Safety Systems 

SAES-J-604  - Protective and Condition Monitoring Equipment for Rotating Machinery 

SAES-J-605  - Surge Relief Protection Systems 

SAES-J-607  - Burner Management Systems for SRU Trains 

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SAES-J-700  - Control Valves 

SAES-J-801  - Control Buildings 

SAES-J-901  - Instrument Air Supply Systems 

SAES-J-902  - Electrical Systems for Instrumentation 

SAES-J-903  - Intrinsically Safe Systems 

SAES-J-904  - FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus (FF) Systems 

SAES-K-001  - Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) 

SAES-K-002  - Air Conditioning Systems for Essential Operating Facilities 

SAES-K-003  - Air Conditioning Systems for Communications Buildings 

SAES-K-100  - Saudi Aramco Mechanical (HVAC) Code 

SAES-K-402  - Centrifugal Compressors 

SAES-K-403  - Reciprocating Compressors 

SAES-K-501  - Steam Turbines 

SAES-K-502  - Combustion Gas Turbines 

SAES-K-511  - Diesel Engines 

SAES-K-600  - Side-Entry Mixers 

SAES-L-052  - Hot Tap Connections 

SAES-L-100  - Applicable Codes and Standards for Pressure Piping Systems 

SAES-L-101  - Regulated Vendors List for Pipes, Fittings and Gaskets 

SAES-L-102  - Regulated Vendors List for Valves 

SAES-L-105  - Piping Material Specifications 

SAES-L-108  - Selection of Valves 

SAES-L-109  - Selection of Flanges, Stud Bolts and Gaskets 

SAES-L-110  - Limitations on Pipe Joints and Components 

SAES-L-120  - Piping Flexibility Analysis 

SAES-L-125  - Safety Instruction Sheet for Piping and Pipelines 

SAES-L-130  - Material for Low Temperature Service 

SAES-L-131  - Fracture Control of Line Pipe 

SAES-L-132  - Material Selection for Piping Systems 

SAES-L-133  - Corrosion Protection Requirements for Pipelines, Piping and Process Equipment 

SAES-L-136  - Pipe Selection and Restrictions 

SAES-L-140  - Thermal Expansion Relief in Piping 

SAES-L-150  - Pressure Testing of Plant Piping and Pipelines 

SAES-L-310  - Design of Plant Piping 

SAES-L-350  - Construction of Plant Piping 

SAES-L-410  - Design of Pipelines 

SAES-L-420  - Scraper Trap Station and Appurtenances 

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SAES-L-440  - Anchors for Buried Pipelines 

SAES-L-450  - Construction of On-Land and Near-Shore Pipelines 

SAES-L-460  - Pipeline Crossings Under Roads and Railroads 

SAES-L-610  - Nonmetallic Piping 

SAES-L-810  - Design of Piping on Offshore Structures 

SAES-L-850  - Design of Submarine Pipelines and Risers 

SAES-M-001  - Structural Design Criteria for Non-Building Structures 

SAES-M-005  - Design and Construction of Fixed Offshore Platforms 

SAES-M-006  - Saudi Aramco Security and General Purpose Fencing 

SAES-M-009  - Design Criteria for Blast Resistant Buildings 

SAES-M-100  - Saudi Aramco Building Code 

SAES-N-001  - Basic Criteria, Industrial Insulation 

SAES-N-004  - Design and Installation of Building Thermal Insulation 

SAES-N-100  - Refractory Systems 

SAES-N-110  - Installation Requirements - Castable Refractories 

SAES-N-120  - Installation Requirements - Extreme Erosion Resistant Refractories 

SAES-N-130  - Installation Requirements - Fireclay Bricks 

SAES-N-140  - Installation Requirements - Refractory Ceramic Fiber  

SAES-O-100  - General Requirements Safety and Security 

SAES-O-101  - Standard Security Fence – Category I 

SAES-O-102  - Category II Fence 

SAES-O-103  - Category III Fence 

SAES-O-104  - Category III Fence, Alternative 

SAES-O-105  - Gates in Perimeter Fences 

SAES-O-105A  - Gates in Woven Wire Fabric Fences 

SAES-O-106  - Barbed S Wire Concertina 

SAES-O-107  - Security and Emergency Exit Doors 

SAES-O-108  - Locks Used on Security Doors, Perimeter Fences and Emergency Exits 

SAES-O-109  - Buildings Housing Sensitive or Vital Equipment 

SAES-O-110  - Protection of Vital Equipment 

SAES-O-111  - Power Supplies 

SAES-O-112  - Communications 

SAES-O-113  - Security Lighting System 

SAES-O-114  - Check Point Lighting 

SAES-O-115  - Intruder Detection Systems 

SAES-O-116  - Automatic Control of Entry 

SAES-O-117  - Gate House and Vehicle Lock 

SAES-O-118  - Fire Fighting Equipments 

SAES-O-119  - Work Permit Procedures 

SAES-O-120  - Expanded Steel Mesh 

SAES-O-121  - Protection of Diesel Engines 

SAES-O-122  - Gasoline Filling Stations 

SAES-O-123  - Automatic Control of Entry 

SAES-O-124  - Turnstiles for Entry Control 

SAES-O-125  - Internal Tank Cleaning 

SAES-O-126  - Blast Resistant Control Buildings 

SAES-O-127  - Tank Spacing – Dikes and Drainage 

SAES-O-128  - Offshore Requirements 

SAES-P-100  - Basic Power System Design Criteria 

SAES-P-101  - Regulated Vendors List for Electrical Equipment 

SAES-P-103  - UPS and DC Systems 

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SAES-P-104  - Wiring Methods and Materials 

SAES-P-107  - Overhead Distribution Systems 

SAES-P-111  - Grounding 

SAES-P-113  - Motors and Generators 

SAES-P-114  - Power System and Equipment Protection 

SAES-P-116  - Switchgear and Control Equipment 

SAES-P-119  - Onshore Substations 

SAES-P-121  - Transformers and Reactors 

SAES-P-123  - Lighting 

SAES-P-126  - Power Monitoring System 

SAES-Q-001  - Criteria for Design and Construction of Concrete Structures 

SAES-Q-004  - Installation of Piles and Conductors for Offshore Structures 

SAES-Q-005  - Concrete Foundations 

SAES-Q-006  - Asphalt Concrete Paving 

SAES-Q-007  - Foundations and Supporting Structures for Heavy Machinery 

SAES-Q-009  - Concrete Retaining Walls 

SAES-Q-010  - Cement Based, Non-Shrink Grout for Structural and Equipment Grouting 

SAES-Q-011  - Epoxy Grout for Machinery Support 

SAES-S-007  - Solid Waste Landfill Standard 

SAES-S-010  - Sanitary Sewers 

SAES-S-020  - Industrial Drainage and Sewers 

SAES-S-030  - Storm Water Drainage Systems 

SAES-S-040  - Saudi Aramco Water Systems 

SAES-S-050  - Sprinkler and Standpipe Systems in Buildings 

SAES-S-060  - Saudi Aramco Plumbing Code 

SAES-S-070  - Installation of Utility Piping Systems 

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SAES-T-000  - Telecommunications Standards Introduction and Indices 

SAES-T-018  - Telecommunications - Symbols, Abbreviations and Definitions 

SAES-T-151  - Communication D.C. Power System 

SAES-T-243  - Telecommunications: Protection Equipment in Communication Buildings 

SAES-T-348  - Multiplex Systems 

SAES-T-360  - Synchronous Digital Hierarchy Transmission Systems 

SAES-T-435  - Telecommunications: Station Protection 

SAES-T-481  - Powered in Plant Communications 

SAES-T-492  - VHF/UHF Land-Mobile and Fixed Radio Communication 

SAES-T-500  - Central Office (CO) Digital Telephone Switching Systems 

SAES-T-521  - Circuit Measuring Techniques 

SAES-T-556  - Circuit Quality and Performance 

SAES-T-603  - Telecommunications - Safeguards and Warning Devices 

SAES-T-604  - Communications Plant – Clearances/Separations - Aerial 

SAES-T-621  - Communications Pole Lines 

SAES-T-624  - Telecommunications Outside Plant - Fiber Optics 

SAES-T-625  - Inter and Intra Building Fiber Optic Communication Cables 

SAES-T-628  - Telecommunications – Underground Cable 

SAES-T-629  - Telecommunications Buried Cable and Wire 

SAES-T-631  - Communications Cable Terminals 

SAES-T-632  - Communications Cable Splicing 

SAES-T-633  - Communications Splice Closures 

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SAES-T-634  - Telecommunications - Cable Testing and Acceptance 

SAES-T-637  - Communications Cable Pressure Testing 

SAES-T-744  - Design Criteria/Installation of Communication Towers 

SAES-T-795  - Communications Facility Grounding Systems 

SAES-T-820  - Narrow-band Videoconferencing Systems 

SAES-T-830  - Voice Frequency Loop Transmission Objectives 

SAES-T-883  - Telecommunications – Inductive Coordination 

SAES-T-887  - Telecommunications: Electrical Coordination - Protection at Power Plants and Radio 

SAES-T-903  - Outside Plant Electrical Protection and Grounding 

SAES-T-906  - Telecommunications - Structural Coordination 

SAES-T-909  - Communications Pole Lines 

SAES-T-911  - Telecommunication Conduit System Design 

SAES-T-912  - Communications Feeder Cable 

SAES-T-914  - Telecommunications Distribution Cable 

SAES-T-916  - Telecommunications Building Cable Systems 

SAES-T-920  - Telecommunications Cable Information 

SAES-T-928  - Telecommunications – Outside Plant Direct Burial 

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SAES-T-938  - Telecommunications: Outside Plant Systems – Design 

SAES-W-010  - Welding Requirements for Pressure Vessels 

SAES-W-011  - Welding Requirements for On-Plot Piping 

SAES-W-012  - Welding Requirements for Pipelines 

SAES-W-013  - Welding Requirements for Offshore Structures 

SAES-W-014  - Weld Overlays and Welding of Clad Materials 

SAES-W-015  - Strip Lining Application 

SAES-W-016  - Welding of Special Corrosion-Resistant Materials 

SAES-W-017  - Welding Requirements for API Tanks 

SAES-X-300  - Cathodic Protection of Marine Structures 

SAES-X-400  - Cathodic Protection of Buried Pipelines 

SAES-X-500  - Cathodic Protection of Vessel and Tank Internals 

SAES-X-600  - Cathodic Protection of Plant Facilities 

SAES-X-700  - Cathodic Protection of Onshore Well Casings 

SAES-X-800  - Cathodic Protection for Existing Reinforced Concrete Structures 

SAES-Y-101  - Custody Metering of Hydrocarbon Gases 

SAES-Y-103  - Custody Metering of Hydrocarbon Liquids 

SAES-Z-001  - Process Control Systems 

SAES-Z-002  - Technically Accepted Process Automation Systems 

SAES-Z-003  - Pipeline Leak Detection Systems 

SAES-Z-010  - Process Automation Networks Connectivity

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