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 Uthmaniyah & Shedgum New Compression Plants

Uthmaniyah & Shedgum New Compression Plants

Saudi Aramco plans to expand the Uthmaniya and Shedgum Gas Plants by adding 3 new compression plants. More than 1500 million cubic feet per day of gas is likely to be received by the plants through the new compression facilities.

Saudi Aramco is moving ahead with its Uthmaniyah and Shedgum gas plant expansions in Saudi Arabia as part of a project that is likely to be worth about $2.7 billion. The contract scope is said to involve work on three new gas compression plants in the Uthmaniyah and Shedgum areas, and modifications to the existing Uthmaniyah and Shedgum gas plants and other related facilities. Along with this project, Saudi Aramco is carrying forward its major projects--the Marjan onshore incremental development and Jafurah terminal project

The scope os this project involves construction of a new gas processing facility, will be located at Shedgum and Uthmaniyah gas processing site in Saudi Arabia. The Uthmaniyah, Shedgum and Berri plants have all been the focus of debottlenecking projects recently. At Shedgum, gas processing capacity has been increased by 20 per cent to 2.4 billion cu ft per day. Client has undertaken the project to build a greenfield gas treatment plant to supplement the existing gas processing facilities at Shedgum and Uthmaniyah. It has begun the prequalification process for the project in February 2019.

Prequalification documents have been submitted by contractors now. Jacobs-ZATE, the Saudi subsidiary of US engineering firm Jacobs, is doing the front-end engineering and design works on the project. The scope of work on the project includes; Construction of raw gas inlet and processing facilities Construction of gas oil separation unit Construction of sour water stripper unit Construction of mono ethylene glycol regeneration unit Construction of amine treating unit Construction of tri ethylene glycol dehydration unit Construction of sulphur recovery unit Construction of industrial support facilities Construction of associated facilities. In 1977, it was the largest gas-treating program ever undertaken. The Shedgum Gas Plant used the proprietary Fluor EconamineSM technology, to remove carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, and carbonyl sulfide from the gas.

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