What is CRM in Saudi Aramco? Oil and Gas Industry - CRM Software

What is CRM in Saudi Aramco?

Customer Relationship Management:

Enable sales staff to accelerate sales cycles and decisions based on secure information regarding pricing, contracts and client details to reduce downtime. They can track competitors, create models showing permits and production status by using industry databases.

Saudi Aramco CRM For Internal Services Software

Discover the latest software purchases and digital transformation initiatives being undertaken by Saudi Aramco and its business and technology executives. Each quarter our research team identifies on-prem and cloud applications that are being used by the 68493 Saudi Aramco employees from the public (Press Releases, Customer References, Testimonials, Case Studies and Success Stories) and proprietary sources.


• Starting Point

• Services Solution Objectives

• External Services

• Internal Services

• Internal Services Profile

• Challenges

• Service Definition

Starting Point

Services Solution Objectives

External Services

Internal Services

Internal Services Profile

1. Defined Service Providers

• IT Services:

Telephone, Networks, Workstations, Applications, etc.

• Community & Office Services

Homes & Building Services

2. Multi Service Providers (Collaboration)

• Plants:

Management of Change (MOC), Engineering Recommendation, Plant Integrity Assessment, Environmental Findings, Lessons Learned, Operators Periodic Tasks, etc.

• General:

Employee Suggestion, Employee Recognition, Management Action Items, Contract Request Process, Engineering Service Request, etc.


1. Vendors and Customers 

2. Eligibility & Authorization

3. Approvals & Workflow

4. Large Number of Services

5. Service Definition

Vendors & Customers:

1. One Integrated Dashboard

• My: Requests; Tasks; Searches, Favorite Services, Recent Items, Outlook Mail

• General: In-Box, Web Links, R/3 Transactions, BI based Reports

2. Services Catalog

• Listing Multiple Headers; Search, Eligible Services, Show All

• Service: Request Eligibility, Categories, Details, Approval, Conditions, Notes, Contacts, Add to Favorite

• Services from Multi Platforms:  One-Stop-Shop CRM, SAP R/3 Transaction, Web Based URL

Eligibility & Authorization:

1. Eligibility , What Services Can I initiate

• Personal Attributes Living Location, Nationality, Grade Code

• Business Attributes Org. Assignment, Chief Position, Work Area, Position Role, CRM Business Role

• Exception By User ID

2. Authorization  What Services Specific Changes Can I do

• Partner Function Views Initiator, Requester, Dispatcher, Processor, QA/Closure, Reviewer

• SAP Authorization Roles Assigned to Users

Approvals & Workflow:

1. Strategy Submit  Receive/Approve  Implement (Manage)

2. Stages Initiation,  Accept/Approve,  Assign, Implement, QA/Closure

3. Options:

Service Definition


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