Top 40+ Coating QC Interview Question - 2023 | CBT EXAM

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Coating QC Interview Question - 2023 | CBT EXAM

Top 40+ Coating Interview Question - 2023

1. What type of paints you have used before.

2. Most used coating materials in our industry?

3. Have you ever used inorganic zinc silicate or organic zinc rich epoxy?

4. What coating manufacturer’s document you will possess through your inspection?

5. Which document will lead to step by step procedure in blasting and painting?

6. Before painting what are the check measure you will carry out?

7. Will you witness during paint mixing? Is it mandatory or not?

8. What is the important mixing conditions and requirement while mixing zinc products?

9. Before starting production startup how you will qualify paint system and how?

10. Before starting production startup will the skilled painters shall be qualified or not? If yes, how?

11. What records you will maintain after their qualification?

12. After blasting within how many hours you will allow them for painting?

13. In case of any discoloration due to delayed painting what action you will take and explain?

14. Are you responsible to check airless spray pump pressure, witnessing spray tip selection and fan angle? Which

document describing these statutory requirements?

15. The coating application requirement which document you will refer?

16. If the wind speed is too high than normal will you allow painting or stop the painting fully.

17. If the wind speed is high, if painting proceeds what effect you will experience?

18. If the required DFT is ???, in what method you will assure the DFT in applied coating?

19. After painting application what are all the checks you will perform (during wet)?

20. After application of primer, the contractor wishes to apply intermediate coat, will you allow them or advising them?

What is the governing document on this issue?

21. Next day of primer application, before application of intermediate coat, what type of inspection checks you will follow?

22. On the above question, what may be the findings, please define?

23. How you will make sure that the primer coat is properly prepared to receive intermediate coat?

24. After intermediate coat and final coat application when you will start your final inspection and findings.

25. What is all the inspection needed after final coat? Please define.

26. What is contact point and how you will approach and inspect?

27. What is the final requirement of final coated items and which documents allows you to take decision on this


28. How you will record all the findings and observation in your report, please define?

29. If you are working in confined space (i.e. tanks, internal pipes) what safety measure required?

30. If you are working in confined space (tanks or internal pipe) what are all the additional equipment needed apart from

daily inspection tools?

31. Types of environment you have previously coated in your experience?

32. Which environment is most harsh, please define?

33. Types of coating generic you have experienced and how have handled without coating failure?

34. What is coating failure, degradation or defects, please define?

35. If you find any of above issues, will you expose or keep silent?

36. In case of above issue not reported what adverse effects will takes place during operations?

37. Duties of inspector’s roles, responsibilities and limitations?

38. What are non-conformance report, observation notes, and corrective action reports?

39. Please define basic contractor’s malpractice in coating application?

40. In which situation you will issue NCR?

41. If all the above blasting and painting application is subjected with stringent inspection, how the non-conformance is

being existed in coating industry and how you will control during course of project phase?

42. Is that NCR always responsible to contractors or inspector’s oversight?

43. How we can control and mitigate costly NCRs?

44. Will you instruct/demand contractor’s workforce directly? What is the right form of communication method?

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