Top 30+ Quality Control Manager Question & Answers (QCM) for Saudi Aramco

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 Quality Control Manager Question & Answers (QCM) for Saudi Aramco

Top 30+ Quality Control Manager Question & Answers Saudi Aramco

Interview Preparation Tips

1. Resume Shortlist Round

  • Keep your resume crisp and to the point. A recruiter looks at your resume for an average of 6 seconds, make sure to leave the best impression.

2. Technical Round (1 Question)

  • Piping questions
  • Chemical composition
  • Welder qualification
  • PWHT
  • NDT

3. HR Round (1 Question)

  • What are your salary expectations?

Question & Answers:

1. Define Project Quality Plan.

  • SAEP-1154 Quality Plan: Document specifying which procedures and associated resources shall be applied by whom and when to a specific project, product, process or contract, (ISO 90001)

2. What are the processes /stages related in defining Preventive actions?

SAEP-1154 Prevent potential Nonconformities;

  1. Detect potential nonconformities.
  2. Identify the causes of potential nonconformities.
  3. Study the effects of potential nonconformities.
  4. Evaluate the need to take preventive action.
  5. Develop preventive actions to eliminate causes.
  6. Take preventive actions when they are necessary.
  7. Record the results achieved by preventive actions.
  8. Examine the efficiency of the reventive actions.

3. What is a Quality Policy? Quality Objectives?

  • Quality Policy-Top Managements expression of its intentions, directions and aims regarding Quality of its products and processes.
  • Quality Objectives-a specified level of Quality that must be met by a product to be deemed acceptable.

4. What is the function of a QMS to an Organization?

  • Can be defined as the managing of organizational structure, responsibilities, procedures, processes and management resources to implement the principles & action lines needed to achieve quality objectives of the organization,

5. If a Contractor raise Internal NCR, how many days before they inform the Client officially?

  • SCHEDULE. Q. 7.5.3 CONTRACTOR, subcontractors, manufacturers and/or suppliers shall document all nan-conformities to Contract requirements, approved CONTRACTOR quality plan(s), inspection & test plans, and procedures. CONTRACTOR shall forward to COMPANY records of all recorded non-conformities within 48 hours of issue.
  • 7.5.4 CONTRACTOR shall investigate the root cause of nonconformities and initiate Corrective Actions to prevent recurrence of nonconformities maximum 7 days of the issue date.

6. What SAEP is being referenced when escalating NCR/ Project Quality Issues?

  • SAEP-381 Project quality Issues Escalation Process.

Quality Control Manager Question & Answers

7. How do you close NCR?

  • SAEP-1154, 7.5.4 CONTRACTOR shall investigate the root cause of nonconformities and initiate Corrective Actions to prevent recurrence of non-conformities maximum 7 days of the issue date, Implementation of Corrective actions will require RFI, participation of PIDto verify CA is in line with the Std. requirements or with approved Method Of attachment.

8. What is an ITP?

  • SAEP-1150 Inspection & Test Plan (I&TP): An l&TP is a document based on the detailed manufacturing, fabrication and construction program which identifies each process description, sets out the related sequence of activities to be inspected, examined and tested and lists the relevant approved procedures for a particular material, component, assembly, or, in some cases, type of work. It shall include identification of requirements for documents, acceptance criteria to be used, who is responsible for what, the inspection surveillance to be performed and the type and level of inspection including hold, witness and review points of Contractor/Sub-contractor and Saudi Aramco. Mandatory Hold.

9. What are the attachments in Sch. Q?

Sch.Q. Attachment I CONTRACTOR and Subcontractor Quality Personnel Qualification Requirements:

  • Attachment II COMPANY Standards and Procedures Containing Quality Requirements
  • Attachment Ill Quality Requirements for CONTRACTOR Supplied Materials
  • Attachment IV Quality Requirements for the Construction Phase
  • Attachment V Summary of Quality System Deliverables
  • Attachment VI Project Specific Quality Requirements

10. At what phases Internal audit is conducted as required per Sch. Q?

  • Sch Q. 7.3.2 CONTRACTOR shall submit a quality audit schedule to the Company Representative for review and approval within thirty (30) calendar days from the effective date of this Contract. As a minimum, full quality system audits shall be carried out at fifteen Percent (15%) and sixty percent (60%) of completion stage for the Design, Procurement, and Construction WORK Phases. Contractor’s audits may be rescheduled only with the concurrence of the Company Representative.

11. Monthly Quality Management Report – what are the quality items included in the report.

Sch. Q. 7. 7 Analysis of Data

CONTRACTOR shall prepare and submit a monthly Quality Management Report in a format acceptable to COMPANY to demonstrate effective implementation of the CONTRACTOR’s Quality System. The report shall include the following items as a minimum:

7.7.1 General items:

a) Listing of quality audits completed (internal and Sub-contractor), in progress, and planned for the next month.

b) Status of open corrective actions for Non-conformance reports, audits and management reviews.

c) Quality Personnel Listing by Discipline as specified in Paragraph 5.11.

d) Listing and status of engineering waivers requested

7.7.2 Design and Procurement Phase Items:

a) Listing of supplier surveys performed and results b) Planned surveys for the next month

c) Listing of Pre-Inspection Meetings conducted and planned for the next month

d) Listing of supplier inspections performed and those planned for the next month

7. 7.3 Construction Phase Items:

a) Listing and disposition of all defective or rejected material or equipment received at jobsite by CONTRACTOR and subcontractor(s)

b) Welding rejection rate reported in accordance with SAEP-1160. A chart showing the historical performance during the project shall be included.

7.7.4 Narrative Section for Process Improvement Activities. This section shall describe

 CONTRACTOR and subcontractor activities during the month to continually improve its processes, correct and eliminate non-conformities, prevent potential problems, and improve schedules, etc. It shall include trend analysis for processes identified in paragraphs 7.1.1 and 7.4 of this contract schedule.

12. Name some of the special Process procedures?

  • Sch. Q.
  • Welding/Brazing
  • Nondestructive Testing (NOT)
  • Positive Material Identification (PMI) & Color-Code Verification
  • Heat Treatment & associated
  • Hardness Testing
  • Pressure Testing
  • Coatings & Lining
  • Gasket Installation
  • Gap Control (Socket welds, thread engagement, back welding of threaded joints)
  • Hot Taps (Cables) & Tie-ins
  • Refractory Installation
  • HVAC Testing & Balancing
  • RTR Pipe Work

13. Name some of the Deliverables?

  • Please see attached Sch. Q. Deliverables

14. What SAEP is referred for tracking & reporting of welding, NOT, pressure testing. What are some of the information contained in the report?

  • SAEP-1160, Section 6.1 Minimum Data Requirements See attached pdf.

15. What important information is contained when accomplishing WRR Report SATR-W-2018.

  • SATR-W-2018, please see attached SAIC-W-2018

16. What are the contents of a hydrotest package?

Sch.Q. 5.27 CONTRACTOR shall submit Hydrostatic Test Packages prior to conducting hydrostatic tests of piping, pipeline and equipment’s for COMPANY review and approval. The hydrostatic test shall comply with SAES-A-004, SAES-L-150 and GI 0002.102. The hydrostatic test package shall include but not limited to the following:

  • Hydrostatic Test Procedure.
  • Hydrostatic Test Diagram which shall include the limits of piping (including test manifold) and equipment included in each hydrostatic test, test pressures, test temperature, test fluid, line flushing requirements, and safety precautions.
  • Relief Valve datasheet and calibration records.
  • Pressure gages and recorders calibration records.
  • COMPANY Safety Instruction Sheet and Pressure Test Report Form.
  • Copies of P&ID and isometric drawings of the piping system to be hydrostatically tested.
  • Piping spools control sheet with NOT extent and results.
  • Pre-hydrostatic test check List.
  • Re-instatement procedure and Check List.
  • Bolting Control Sheet.
  • Gasket Verification Form.

17. RT Interview: Quality Case:

During the course of the construction phase, a major standard violation was committed by the contractor and despite various notifications have been communicated to the contractor still refuses to implement the corrective actions. While exhausting all the efforts within the organization and with the client contractor remain steadfast not to comply despite NCR has been issued. Now, As a QC Manager what will you do and what will be your action/s to pave the way to resolve the standard violation?

(Exhausting means the issue was brought to the higher management, SAMPT, operations etc).

QC Manager must bring the quality issue to SA Project Inspection supervisor describing all in details of the committed std violation and PID will take the necessary/serious action to correct the non-conformity. SAPID Field Supervisor being the main counterpart of the contractor QC Manager must interphase with PID with regards to Quality. SA Interviewer is keen to hear the acronym “PID” as the answer.

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