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Cable Specifications and Cable Installation

Cable Specifications and Cable Installation:

Group 1: Single Twisted pair/Triad, Unshielded.

Conductor: Stranded, Circular Copper (Material) as per ASTM B8.

Conductor Size: # 16 AWG

Primary Insulation Material:  Flame Retardant PVC or XLPO or XLPE minimum temperature rating is 90o C  (NEC 501-4 (b), NEC 502-4 (b).

Primary Insulation Voltage Rating: 300V for Type PLTC and type IT cable, 600V for type TC Cable.

Primary Insulation Thickness: (0.38 mm for PLTC and ITC Cable), (0.64 mm for TC cable).

Shield Thickness: 0.022 mm

Group 2: Single twisted pair/triad shield.

Shield Material: Aluminum foil bonded to non hygroscopic polyester (Mylar) tape.

Shield Thickness: 0.022 mm

Shield Application:    Helical, Minimum 25% overlap, to provide 100% coverage and electrical isolation from conductors.

Group 3: Multipair / Triad, Unshielded or without overall shield thickness 0.022 mm.

Communication Wire:  Not required if required shall be manufacturer’s standard size, Insulation same as primary insulation – Orange Color.

Group 4: Multipair / triad, Individual and overall shields.

Group 5: Thermocouple Extension wire conductor – solid thermocouple extension wire as per ANSI MC 96.1

Conductor Size: # 16 AWG for singal pair, # 18 AWG for Multipair.

Color Code:   ANSI MC 96.1(Temperature Measurement Thermocouple), (Yellow and Red) Negative shall be Red color and magnetic

Terminal Block:    As per minimum thickness of terminal block shall be 5 mm or higher with Spring type terminal block are not acceptable, Terminal block shall be fire retardant halogen free, High strength material such as polyamide on equivalent in accordance with UL94.

Lugs:   Drawing / Color Codes / Ferruling will be done for easy identification with use of lugs. Lugs are two types. One is crimping type and the other one is soldering type.

Type of Lugs: (1) Shanap Type (2) Pin Type (3) Ring Type (4) U Type

Gland Size:  ½ inch, ¾ inch, 1 inch, 1½ inch, 2 inch.

Thread Type:  ET (Equal Thread), BSP (British Standard Pitch), NPT (National Pipe Thread).

Color Code of Instrument Cables:

AC Supply:             

Phase - Black

Neutral - White

Ground - Green or Green with yellow tracer

DC Supply:           

Positive - Red

Negative - Black

Signal Pair:           

Positive - Black

Negative - White

Signal Tried:         

Positive - Black

Negative -  White

Third Wire -  Red


Positive - as per ANSI MC 96.1 (Yellow)

Negative - as per ANSI MC 96.1 (Red)


Type of Thermocouple:

T Type  Thermocouple     Copper + Constant     -185 ~ 371 oC         Blue – Red/White

J Type Thermocouple      Iron + Constant        -190 ~ 750 oC          White – Red/White

K Type  Thermocouple    Cromel + Alumel      -190 ~ 1250 oC     Yellow – Red/ White

E Type Thermocouple      Chromel + Constantan  -196 ~ 982 oC     Purple – Red/ White

S Type Thermocouple      Platinum/Rhodium-Platinum  -18.0 ~ 1760 oC  Black – Red

R Type Thermocouple      Pt87/Rh13 + Platinum  -17.7 ~ 1704 oC   Black – Red/ White


Pulling tension of FOC = 600 Pounds.

Fir Resisting:   (CI: Circuit Integrity) Flame Retardant, for transmission of analog or digital signal to instrument and control systems.

Insulation:  Silicon Rubber

Armor: Zinc Coated round steel.

RE: Instrument Cable

2G: Insulation of Silicon

SI: Collective Screen

H: Inner Jacket of LSZH

SWA: Round Steel Wire Armor

I/W: Outer Jacket of heat resistant PVC

FL:  Reduced Flame Propagation

CI: Circuit Integrity

FB: Field Bus Cable

Y: Outer sheath of PVC

2X : Insulation of XLPE

PIMF: Pair Screen

HVAC: Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning.

ISDN:  Integrated Service Digital Network

LASER:Light Amplification by Stimulated.


Cable Bending Radius (j) = 10 x Cable Diameter

Tube Bending Radius (j) = 05 x Tube Diameter

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