Saudi Aramco Approved Vendor List 2024 pdf and Spreadsheet

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Aramco 9com List:

File Name : Aramco 9com List

Size: 1,608 Kb

Type : MS - Excel, ePub, Book

Uploaded : 2024 January 04


What are the upcoming projects of Saudi Aramco in 2023?

Aramco's natural gas compression projects at the Haradh and Hawiyah fields started commissioning and full capacity expected to be reached in 2023. Construction at the Hawiyah Unayzah gas reservoir storage, a project to store gas underground is at "an advanced stage" and has "commenced injection activities."S

What is rvl in Aramco?

RSA – Responsible Standardization Agent. RVL – Regulated Vendor List. SAMSS – Saudi Aramco Material System Specification.

What is the difference between 9CAT and 9COM?

Catalogued items (9CAT) have a standard description maintained centrally. General Commodity materials (9COM) require suppliers to upload/add their catalogue details through SSS, which enables these items to be subject to enrichment and buyer approval.


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