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DC Generators :: Online Mock Test-1 Free [Electrical Engineering Quizzes Series]

DC Generators - Online Free Mock Test-1

Get online test series along with free mock tests for Electrical Engineering and other exams. 

Number of Questions - 40 MCQ's

Notes : The Quiz makes In multiple-choice quiz, there is a timer for 50 seconds/question.When 10 seconds is left, automatically the timer is red in color.finally, when the time is end,the correct answer is automatically shown.


Example Questions: 

  1. Satisfactory commutation of D.C. machines requires
  2. In a D.C. generator the number of mechanical degrees and electrical degrees will be the same when
  3. In D.C. generators on no-load, the air gap flux distribution in space is
  4. Flashing the field of D.C. generator means
  5. The following constitute short-circuit in the armature winding.
  6. In a D.C. machine stray loss is the sum of
  7. Which of the following generator will have negligible terminal voltage while running on no-load?
  8. In a separately excited generator supplying rated load the armature reaction:
  9. When two D.C. series generators are running in parallel, an equalizer bar is used
  10. A D.C. generator works on the principle of

Top 40 Typical Interview Questions and Answers for  DC Generators Electrical Engineering 
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