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MOC General Specifications Abbreviation

ABBREVIATIONS. Whenever the following abbreviations are used in the specifications or on the plans, they are to be construed the same as the respective expressions represented.

AASHTO - American Association of State Highway and Transportation


ACI - American Concrete Institute

ACPA - American Concrete Pavement Association

ADM - Arrow Diagram Method

AGC - American General Contractors of America

AISC - American Institute of Steel Construction

AI - Asphalt Institute

AISI - American Iron and Steel Institute

ANSI - American National Standards Institute

ASHRAE - American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers

ASME - American Society of Mechanical Engineers

ASTM - American Society for Testing and Materials

AWS - American Welding Society

BSI - British Standards Institution

BTU - British Thermal Unit

CIRIA - Construction Industry Research and Information Association

CPM-PS - Critical Path Method - Project Schedule

CRSI - Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute

DIN - German National Standards Organization

FHWA - Federal Highway Administration

FSS - Federal Specifications and Standards

HCM - Highway Construction Manual (M.O.C.)

HDM - Highway Design Manual (M.O.C.)

HI - Hydraulic Institute

HMM - Highway Maintenance Manual (M.O.C.)

IEC - International Electrotechnical Commission

IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Inc.

IES - Illuminating Engineering Society

ISSA - International Slurry Seal Association

ISO - International Standards Organization

ITE - Institute of Transportation Engineers

LSL - Lower Specification Limit

MIL - Military Specifications

MOC - Ministry of Communications

MRDMM - Materials and Research Department, Materials Manual (MOC)

MRDTM - Materials and Research Department, Standard Method of Test

MUTCD - Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices

NEMA - National Electrical Manufacturers Association

NFPA - National Fire Protection Association

NIST - National Institute of Standards and Technology

PAS - Preliminary Activity Schedule

PCA - Portland Cement Association

PCI - Prestressed Concrete Institute

PS&E - Plans, Specifications and Estimate

PTI - Post-Tensioning Institute

SASO - Saudi Arabian Standards Organization

SI - International System of Units

SSPC - Steel Structures Painting Council

USL - Upper Specification Limit

USC - United States Code

VDE - Verband Deutscher Electotechiker, e.V.

MOC General Specifications Abbreviation

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