Aramco Standard - Impulse Tubing Installation; Piping and Impulse tubing; Air distribution System;


Aramco Standard Impulse Tubing Installation; Piping

Aramco Standard Impulse Tubing Installation; Piping and Impulse tubing; Air distribution System;

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Impulse Tubing Installation:

Impulse lines for remote device should be as short as possible, 3 feet for close-coupled transmitters and preferable not more than 20 feet (6 meters). For liquid measurement the lines should slope down at least 1 inch per foot from the orifice taps.

Tubing: Stainless steel tubing shall seamless, annealed, minimum wall thick 1.24 mm as per ASTM A269 Gras IP – 316L.

Impulse Tubing Installation Tips:

Slop of Impulse tubing: Minimum of 1inch for every 1 meter towards tapping point.

Bend: Minimum bends length around 70 mm.

Test Pressure of Impulse Line: 1.5 Times of the working pressure with 3 minute.

Instrument Tubing size: ½ inch x 0.89 mm (wall thickness) = 0.035 Inches.


Piping and Impulse tubing shall be support as follows:


Piping and Impulse tubing

Piping and Impulse tubing

Air distribution System:

-  All main and branch headers shall be sloped {minimum 64 mm per 30 Meter (2.5 inches per 100 feet)}

and provided with low point drains.

-  Supply takeoffs to individual instruments (a line serving up to a maximum of four devices) shall connect to the top of the branch header through a takeoff-line-size, full-bore isolation valve.

-  The minimum size of supply takeoffs is ½ inch.

-  Twenty percent (20%) spare takeoff fittings and block valves shall be installed on the branch header.

-  Instrument air piping shall not be pocketed. Instrument air piping shall not be installed underground.

-  The Piping route shall avoid a harmful effect from a heat source (keep 150 mm minimum distance)

and not be under the process piping and equipment, which is covered by the hot

or cold insulation materials.

Air Piping Maximum shall be No of Users as follows:


Air Piping Maximum shall be No of Users as follows


Indoors and Outdoors Plant Area:

Indoors: With in the Perimeter of the Process Unit (NEMA 250 / NEMA ICS6)

Outdoor: Out side the Perimeter of Process Area (IP54)

-  Severe Corrosive Environment (Industrial Area) NEMA Type 4X or IP66.

-  Non Industrial Area IP34.

-  Name Plate Shall is attached to the cabinets using stainless screws.

-  Indoor Cabinets shall be made of metal.

-  The Cabinet shall be a NEMA Type 1 as per NEMA 250 and NEMA ICS6.

-  NEMA ICS6: Enclosures for Industrial Controls and System.

-  The Max Door Width shall be 900 mm (36 Inch)

-  The Marshalling cabinets from the front surface to the surface of rear terminal block, shall not be more than 46 cm (18 Inch).

-  A minimum of prime, undercoat & finishing coat of enamel or polish is required.

-  Interior cabined color shall be white or of light color such as light gray off.

-  Name plate for cabinets and panels letter height and spacing shall follow ISA RP 60.6

-  Name Plate shall be made from laminate Plastic, white – Black – White (Information engraved into the black core) with white surface.

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